Deer Antler Velvet Spray

What is Deer Antler Velvet and how does it help with Muscle Growth?

Deer antler velvet is found on the new antlers of bucks; it coats the antlers and helps them grow into impressive racks that the male deer use when challenging each other for the right to mate with females. A specific kind of deer antler velvet found on the antlers of the New Zealand Red Deer has been implicated as a potential source of massive muscle growth and cellular division in both deer and humans. The bodybuilding community has taken interest in the deer velvet as scientists have bottled it into deer antler velvet spray to help athletes and bodybuilders unleash their physical potential.

What Is IGF-1?

IGF-1 stands for the insulin like growth hormone; it is produced in the liver and it is responsible for the growth, recovery, strength potential, and development of human skeletal muscle. It is thought to be concentrated in high amounts in the antler velvet of the New Zealand Red Deer and a critical component of their rapid cellular division and growth. IGF-1 in the human body is capable of stimulating the rapid synthesis of proteins within the body so human muscle tissues have the resources they need to increase their strength, size, and output potential during exercise and in competition.

How are HGH and IGF-1 Related?

Human growth hormone, or HGH, is manufactured by the human body, much as IGF-1, but it is produced in the brain instead of in the liver. HGH stimulates cell growth and rejuvenation and when it is present in large amounts, it also stimulates the body to produce more IGF-1. When both are present, massive cellular growth and division in the human muscle tissues result, promoting strength, stamina, and recovery potential.

What should one look for in Deer Antler Velvet Spray?

There are a number of things to look for in a deer antler velvet spray to make sure it is going to be effective and risk free when used as part of a workout regimen. First, look for sprays that do not contain any kinds of steroids, as these can come with serious health risks that just aren't worth it to serious athletes. Next, one should look for deer antler velvet sprays that are made from all natural hormones and supplements and check to make sure they do not have any known side effects. Third, look for sprays that are in voluntary levels of compliance with any regulations from the FDA that may apply to them. It is also a good idea to look for a deer antler velvet spray that doesn't require a prescription for one to use it, as prescription only supplements will cost more and require frequent visits to the physician for prescription updates.

Is Antler X the best Deer Antler Velvet Spray?

A review of bodybuilding and athletic communities indicates Antler X is indeed the best deer antler velvet spray for serious competitors who are interested in pushing their bodies and performance to the next level. It contains a potent mixture of bio nutrients and hormones that allow people to get the most out of their workouts and dominate their chosen fields. It is the most powerful IGF-1 supplement an athlete can obtain without a prescription and results from using Antler X can be seen in many athletes in as little as 3 weeks when paired with an effective workout plan.

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