Synthetic IGF-1

What is the connection between Synthetic IGF-1 and Deer Antler Velvet?

Scientists and bodybuilders have begun to pay attention to the unique properties of deer antler velvet found on the antlers of the New Zealand Red Deer. The antler velvet is be responsible for the huge hard antler racks the adult males grow to challenge other males for dominance and breeding rights each year in the fields of New Zealand. Antler velvet appears to be why the antlers display such an impressive rate of growth and strength in a relatively short span of time. IGF-1 is a crucial component that may be highly concentrated within the deer antler velvet, and synthetic IGF-1 is an applied form of that very same cell division promoting IGF-1 that can be put to use in the human body for unmatched growth and strength.

What is the connection between HGH and IGF-1?

HGH refers to the human growth hormone; it is a hormone produced naturally within the brain that triggers cell growth, rejuvenation, and regeneration in every part of the body. IGF-1, on the other hand, refers to the insulin like growth factor; this hormone is produced in the liver and works as an applied version of the human growth hormone in the skeletal muscles. Insulin like growth factor promotes rapid muscle growth via catalysis of proteins ingested into the body. When it is combined with the human growth hormone, the results can be dramatic and unparalleled. The human body multiplies the effects of IGF-1 when paired with HGH to increase stamina, promote lasting muscle growth, and increase the efficiency of strength building exercises.

What should one look for in a Synthetic IGF-1 Supplement?

When choosing a synthetic IGF-1 supplement to promote the development of strong muscles, it is important to look for one that has been designed specifically for athletes and bodybuilders. A good dietary muscle growth supplement will not need a prescription to be used, as it will already be in compliance with all regulations from the FDA that could apply to it. Naturally, look for an organic supplement that does not have side effects and that has been built to be part of a highly intensive athletic training regimen. It is also important to avoid dietary supplements that include steroids, and instead look for ones that are simply a natural blend of hormones and human growth factors that have been shown to promote rapid muscle development in users.

Is Antler X the best source of Synthetic IGF-1?

The research suggests that the best natural source of concentrated synthetic IGF-1 is the dietary supplement known as Antler X. Through Antler X, bodybuilders and athletes can experience the strength that was inside them all along but which had been waiting to be unlocked at the right time. A combination of a healthy diet, a strong and consistent workout plan, and sufficient doses of Antler X can take one's work and efforts to the next level in less time than one would think. Antler X gives athletes and bodybuilders the advantage they have been waiting for, and there's no sense in waiting when it's clear that the competition isn't about to let this supplement go unnoticed. The research is clear; athletes who are interested in moving from their current positions in their sports to the tops of their games owe it to themselves to give Antler X a try.

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